In 2019 we formed a non-profit (501(c)3) corporation, “Bob’s Funds Against Stroke Trauma” (aka. BFAST). The FAST and BEFAST acronyms are commonly used as reminders for what to look for in a suspected stroke victim: Balance, Eyes, Face, Arms, Speech and Time. Forming the non-profit gave us greater flexibility in managing our golf outing and a greater opportunity to work with more sponsors and partners. Additionally, it allows our donors to make tax deductible donations. BFAST will help us continue to grow S4S and potentially host additional community events. 

Our mission is to increase awareness of the warning signs and symptoms of stroke, empower survivors and improve the quality of life in the stroke community. Up to 80% of strokes are preventable and we want ensure our community is taking the proper steps to reduce their risk and recognize signs of stroke sooner. We have donated over $15,000 and partnered with the National Stroke Association and  Capital Health's Institute for Neurosciences. The BFAST donations have helped support stroke victims and their families during trying times and programs that help educate people about stroke, its risk factors and how to decrease their personal risk. 

It is through your generosity and eagerness to help that brings this organization to life. We cannot thank you enough for your interest in making a donation and all of this possible!

Bob's Funds Against Stroke Trauma